What Is The Reason For The Slow Speed Of Bedroom Ceiling Fans?

This is the synchronous motor of Bedroom Ceiling Fans. The speed is determined by the frequency of the power supply. If it is said that there is no page 100 revolutions, it will also be 100 revolutions after installing the blades. If a few more leaves are installed, the load is too heavy and the motor cannot start. The spring keeps repeating to help start

  • 1. Add some lubricant to the bearing
  • 2. Replace the capacitor, it can definitely be solved

In addition, the slow speed is not necessarily a problem of capacitance. The capacitance is to ensure that the fan can rotate according to the pre-rotating direction. You check the coils and bearings, if there is any problem, check whether the blades are deformed, and the reduction of the wind surface will affect the air volume. Also check whether the governor is in poor contact, and the gear is in a low gear position.

Bedroom Ceiling Fans speed regulation is generally based on these two methods, each has advantages and disadvantages:
1. Autotransformer speed regulation, the principle is simple and durable, but the speed between gears is sometimes unsatisfactory, and the speed changes significantly with voltage changes. , And consumes electricity.
2. The thyristor speed regulation can achieve no speed regulation, but it needs to be screwed to a higher position when starting, and the speed can be reduced to the required speed after starting, and it is not as durable as an autotransformer.

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